Useful Links

Here at More About Dating, there is no limit to the information that we offer. Below are links to sites that may not necessarily be about dating but talk about issues related to dating.

Dating Sites Online Dating Websites Directory

This is a page from the Dating Sites website and it features a directory or list of online dating websites classified according to different niches. There is a list for dating sites based on your region and religion, and there is also a list of casual dating sites. Clicking on the link will take you to a page that lists actual links to the dating websites. If you browse through the website, you’ll also find a page that features reviews of some of the most popular online dating sites. Although the last entry was way back 2011, most of the information from this site is still useful, especially if you’re looking for links to dating websites.

Ezilon USA

If you want a more updated information list of the different online dating websites, you can visit, this is the best option for you. This page gives you a list of U.S. dating websites. Each link comes with a description of what community or group the dating site caters to. Some examples are dating sites for Christians, marriage matchmaking, a site for date-seekers over 40 years old, and even a char line dating directory.

Better Business Bureau or BBB

A page of the Better Business Bureau website is dedicated to dating services. This is where you’ll find information about your rights as a consumer (or dating site user), as well as short tips about how you can make your online dating experience safe and meaningful.

DASH or Dating Abuse Stops Here

DASH is your online resources for anything related to abuse (of all types). It also provides links to hotlines and safety tips resources. If you ever find yourself in an abusive relationship with your date, you’ll find all the help you need here.